LUSH Cosmetics

I went to LUSH while I was in Sydney this week as I wanted to get some products and I took it has an opportunity to look at a brand that has successful achieved ‘naked’ packaging. One product I wanted to get was a solid shampoo bar (the yellow bar) and these products are some of LUSH’s stable naked products. You can buy them as they are or you can buy an aluminium tin to store them (this is what I did). You can reuse this tin as numerous other LUSH products can fit inside.

I always like to ask for a copy of their recent catalogue and thought it was very serendipitous that this issue was addressing The Naked Truth of packaging waste and natural preservatives.

“We go so far to express this value by letting some of our staff get naked too. Last year, we took the meaning of our naked value to its utmost literal heights by putting the naked bums of four staff members in all of our stores windows and magazines….soon became a viral sensation and our most successful campaign to date. Why all the fuss? Well aside from just the shock value of the naked bottoms, these staff members were totally fierce, fresh and Photoshop free. If you look at the word naked a meaning truthful and exposed, this is represented in every single one of our window and photo campaigns, even ones that don’t show bums.”

I really good part of The Naked Truth catalogue was introducing me to a blogger who has gone waste free. She gives five tips on how to start reducing your waste and it’s really interesting! I went and looked at her blog and was really interested in what she blogs about. It’s really helpful to see someone else’s methods to living waste free. Here is her blog:

Below are the products I bought (with annotations) and pages from the catalogue I liked. I think these are great references for me to consider when dealing with naked packaging.


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